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Combination and due dilligence potential business research project site under construction for the sale or PX of a neat clean used 6 berth static 30 foot Bluebird caravan on the West coast of North West France. Sited on a good secure privately run camp site. And a '96 RHD 4 litre V8 with 5 figure mileage and a recently replaced cam shaft belt. Also if you would like to ad your property and vehicle combination here please get in contact? The domain name Used.House gets regular natural traffic so inventory should sell quite fast. Do please just email gdprinfo [a] Ask-an.Attorney for details? The static enjoys grassed parking space for two cars and a wooden shed with mains 240V UK power point socket type electical services with Campingaz type cooking and heating constant boiler hot water and a shower bathroom with one integral hand washing sink and 247 connected drains. The business research project I mentioned is to match people who only have one car to people that only have one room so they can share both between them on 12 hour shifts taking it all in turn to work with the car in some way or shelter and live safely and securely in the room. I do not have the time to write the business code myself because it might be very complicated but hope that if you have either one car or one room and want to do the deal then you will email me at gdprinfo @ Thanks. I am an MASCE MASME MIEEE MIET MBCS ACIARB aged 58. April 12th 2020 is the date today. The time is 3.33pm. The place is Jersey Channel Islands GB. My name is Michael A Poole.

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